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Vanko Studio Architects is a leading hotel design firm that is committed to providing services that meet our clients’ standards and budgets.

Hotel Design Services

Our design services help take your vision from concept to reality. The process first begins with a consultation where we meet with our clients to brainstorm and get a general idea of their objectives and requirements.

After the consultation, we are able to move ahead with space and layout planning, as well as helping clients come up with suitable floor plans, furniture pieces, fabrics, and color schemes. Services also include more technical aspects like figuring out the best places to incorporate plumbing and electrical layouts. To ensure the success and safety of each project, we work side-by-side with contractors, architects, and manufacturers.

Design Styles

One of our main goals is to create hotels that are specific to the unique needs and style preferences of our clients. We can design buildings that include everything from grand ballrooms and rooftop swimming pools to restaurants and parking garages.

Hotels can also feature a variety of architectural styles, including contemporary, modern, and historic. Contemporary hotels are designed to stand out. They may be tall and commanding or feature artistic elements such as twisting glass facades and peaked rooves. Modern designs, on the other hand, focus on innovation, as well as minimalism. These buildings are usually constructed with reinforced concrete, glass, or steel.

We can even renovate historic structures and convert them into hotels. In downtown Boston, these buildings would likely be constructed of red or brown bricks. Because they would be somewhat limited to the size of the preexisting structure, they would serve as great options for boutique hotels, which usually include anywhere from 10 to 100 rooms.

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